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Run by cat lovers. We promote welfare and hold an annual Championship cat show

The Edinburgh and East of Scotland Cat Club was formed to promote the welfare of all cats and to hold cat shows. The club came into being in 1949 and became affiliated to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in the 1970s. We welcome cat lovers interested in showing their cats whether pedigree or household pets.

Our Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Show

We hold an annual Championship show, which is held in the Edinburgh area around mid September. The show is open to pedigree and non-pedigree cats. The GCCF is the cat equivalent of the Kennel Club in the UK. It is recognised as the governing body of the cat fancy UK-wide. The club holds the only local GCCF show for cat lovers in Edinburgh and the East of Scotland.

Are You Interested In Showing Your Pedigree or Non Pedigree Cat

People interested in showing their cats, in either the Pedigree or Household Pet sections are welcome to get in touch to find out more. Newcomers are assured of a friendly welcome and are actively encouraged to try their hand at showing whether owning a pedigree or non-pedigree cat. If you are new to showing, you will no doubt have questions. Members of the Committee have experience of showing. In the first instance, please contact a member of the show management team for more information. Members are based throughout Scotland and further afield. While it is not essential to be a member of the club to enter your cat into the show, there are savings on entry fees. Without the support of club members there would be no cat shows.

Classes for Both Pedigree and Non Pedigree

As an ‘All Breed’ cat club our GCCF show offers classes in the following groupings: Orientals, Siamese / Balinese, Semi Long Hair, Persians, Burmese, Foreign, British Shorthair and Household Pets. Within the pedigree groups a wide range of cat breeds are eligible for titles and certificates. Cats shown in Household Pet section are also eligible for titles and certificates. There are Pedigree Household Pet classes (for pedigrees or cats of pedigree appearance) and classes for Non-Pedigree Household Pets. While the Pedigree section is, for want of a better phrase, a beauty contest, Household Pets are judged primarily on temperament.

Visiting Our Show

GCCF shows are open to visitors once the Judging has finished. Members of the public are welcome to visit our show, see the cats and kittens, and meet the breeders and like-minded cat lovers. If you are interested in showing your cat it is very helpful to come and experience a show first hand before you take the plunge! Cat lovers interested in buying a kitten, also get to see kittens first hand and meet breeders and owners, many of whom are local.

Our show is open to the public in the afternoon from 12.30pm and it is an enjoyable day out. There is a small entry fee and family tickets are available. As well as an opportunity to see the cats and kittens we can promise an interesting range of stalls to tempt cat lovers. There is also an opportunity for local business and charities to buy space for trade stands at very reasonable rates.