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The Cinnamon Trust

As part of our commitment to promote welfare, we have made a donation of £325 to the Cinnamon Trust, which does great work for older people helping them care for their pets and where necessary, fostering pets of many types for the short or long term.

We received the following lovely email back from them:

Thank you very much for your kind donation of £325.00 on behalf of Edinburgh & East Cat Club, which is very much appreciated.

We are planning to replace our current cat house at Poldarves sanctuary with a new all purpose building. This will be a home from home for our life time residents. Of course, being a home from home, we not only have to build the structure, but also build enclosed outside runs for our fury friends to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air. We also need to replace some of our current furnishings. After all why have a new home without the “purrfect” sofa. With the help of your very generous donation, we are now one step closer to making this a reality.

Please thank all your members who have helped make this wonderful donation possible.